Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

Frey Ranch barrels

Just about an hour outside of Reno, near the small town of Fallon, Nev., lies the historic and unique Frey Ranch, with roots dating back to 1918. In addition to planting, growing and harvesting a variety of crops, including corn, alfalfa, wheat and barley, Frey Ranch is home to Churchill Vineyards, Nevada’s only estate winery. Owned and operated by Colby Frey and his wife, Ashley, Churchill Vineyards grows the grapes for and produces six high-quality wines.

Nearly one year after releasing Nevada’s first legally distilled spirit, Colby and Ashley officially launched the state’s first commercial estate distillery, Frey Ranch Estate Distillery in Churchill County, Nevada growing grains for, distilling, malting and bottling, gin, vodka and bourbon.

The brand new, 4,700 square-foot distillery features a still room, tank room, barreling room and tasting room. The centerpiece of the distillery is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Vendome still that is capable of producing 10,000 cases of spirits a month. Additionally, there are four 5,000 gallon fermenters, one 5,000 gallon mash cooker, one 5,000 gallon beer well, one 500 gallon pot still and a 24-foot continuous still.

Truly, a grain-to-glass operation, the scenic and spectacular Frey Ranch is a must-visit and is one of the only places in the country where visitors can book tastings and tours of a quality estate vineyard and distillery.

Meet Our Team


Colby Frey



Ashley Frey

Owner, Coordinator & Marketing Manager


Russell Wedlake

General Manager/Distiller

Our Skills



As owners of a 1,200 acre farm that been in the family since the late 1800’s, we grow all our own grains: Wheat, Rye, Barley and Corn.


With all 4 grains grown here at Frey Ranch, we harvest each crop precisely when they are ready to ensure the best quality and flavor.


4,000 square-food distillery featuring a stillroom, tank room, barreling room and tasting room.


The final process of an estate distillery is getting the spirits ready for retail. We do all of the bottling right here on location.