Our Roots Run Deep

Since the early days when settlers trekked across the high desert landscape and established roots in Nevada, there’s always been a pioneering spirit here. It’s this spirit that makes Frey Ranch Estate Distillery what it is today.  In fact, Colby Frey’s great-great-grandfather, Joseph Frey Sr., was just such a pioneer, acquiring one of the original land claims filed in Nevada in 1854 – a full decade before it was even declared a state.

The Frey family first made their mark on Nevada as farmers, supplying grains to Virginia City during the boom of the gold and silver rush. For generations, the earth was tilled, grains were grown, and slowly but surely the Frey Ranch roots grew deep and strong in the region. But it wasn’t until 2001 when Colby and his father, Charles Frey Jr., expanded their horizons. Seeing the importance of creating a higher valued crop that consumed less water, they planted a three-acre vineyard and began producing wine.

This sparked an even bigger idea. Seeing the success of their wine-making efforts, they began experimenting with distillation. They applied for a Federal commercial license and, in January 2010, received permission to sell distilled spirits…making Frey Ranch the oldest legal distillery in Nevada. This was no off-the-cuff decision. It would take years of hard work, sweat equity and careful planning to create a state-of-the-art distillery. Using the typical Frey approach, Colby, his wife Ashley, and General Manager/Distiller Russell Wedlake rolled up their sleeves and designed the operation themselves. They were involved in every aspect of construction to ensure that the distillery would not only run at the highest efficiency, but also yield the finest results.

Today, the beautiful 4,700 square-foot building – located just steps from the Frey home on a picturesque ranch in Fallon, Nevada – is an homage to the rich history of the Frey family, and each guest that sets foot on the property becomes part of that history. The Frey legacy is proudly shared every day through our award-winning spirits, where you can taste a quality that isn’t just made, but nurtured – from grain to greatness, from batch to bottle, From Ground to Glass™.